Mowgli’s Shore - Bike Open

Mowgli's Shore - Bike Open

About festival

In 2011, our festival held for the sixth time by tradition on the same spot of the left bank of the Oka River in Pavlovsky district of Nizhegorodskiy region at 1-2-3 July.

The festival was presented by several multidirectional blocks, which smoothly flowing from pacified action on the water to the pulsating rhythms in the night:

URALGON IV - motorcycle drag. Ural and Dnepr are donors of our iron horses, bright, dynamic sport competition held for the first time as a part of our moto-festival.

The Regatta of boats and yachts. The incredible show on the water surface showed by representatives of yacht clubs, Nizhny Novgorod.

Moto-competitions. Yes, yes, yes, exactly those moto-competitions which never left the audience indifferent. In this year the organizers have prepared and showed for you something new and more spectacular, but for fans of traditional competitions the "sausage" and others like her were as necessarily.

AERO-show. Perhaps one of the most indelible impressions of each festival it is piloting skill, which showed by members of the Aero Club. Brae is the natural scenery in this case, which takes part in the demonstration of maneuvers of aerial flight aces.

Women's wrestling show, "In Chocolate" is a bright show of beautiful and strong women.

Hydro-tech show - "10 Year Anniversary"

Well, after that ... after that were a lot of surprises and unexpected meetings, but you could learn about this just by coming to our moto-festival...

The festival is held annually by the Regional Office Moto Club "Night Wolves", Nizhny Novgorod, which celebrates this year its 10th anniversary.

And most importantly what we wanted in 2011 is to increase the quality of host of our guests.

The Spirit of festival that been shaping over the years gives us the right to say that our friends and our guests will remember the festival in 2011 in excited tones and bright colors only.

In this year 2011 musical groups Lapis Troubetzkoy, Black Coffee, Elysium, Chkalov, and others were performed special for you.

These are brief abstracts of the festival only, the details you could see from 01 to 03 July 2011.

We will be glad to see you all at our festival BIKE-OPEN Mowgli's Shore in 2012.

For GPS receivers N55 * 57.992 E43 * 02.609

+7 (904) 399-31-24

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